News: Gut Bacteria Can Affect Your Weight

Gut Bacteria Can Affect Your Weight

Gut Bacteria Can Affect Your Weight

Our bodies are home to thousands of bacteria that affect our health in various ways. Now research is showing that the microbes in our guts could be causing obesity. This is very interesting and exciting news for people trying to lose weight that KNOW they've honestly tried everything under the sun with little, if any, success.

This news comes from a study that shows that transplanting gut bacteria from obese people into mice caused the animals to gain weight. But when they transplanted bacteria from slim people into mice those mice didn't gain any weight.

Apparently the bacteria from slim people makes it easier to break down fiber into short-chain fatty acids, which means the body can take up more energy from the gut, but the chemicals prevent fatty tissue from building up and increases the amount of energy that can be burned.

Could this information help treat and prevent obesity in humans? As for now no one is planning to actually implant bacteria in anyone's gut, but experts are trying to figure out what kinds of foods we need to eat to encourage growth of this "good bacteria" that can help keep us slim.

You can read more about this study at

What do you guys think about this? Do you think this research will actually lead to any successful treatments for obesity?

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