Forum Thread: What Do You Think of the HCG Diet?

What Do You Think of the HCG Diet?

Have you heard of the HCG diet? If so, what do you think of it? Do you think it hasn't been approved by the FDA because it really isn't safe or do you believe they just won't approve it because it would ruin the weight loss industry?

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What does the hcg diet involve?

You have to take daily injections of HCG which is a pregnancy hormone (men and women can take it, it has no effect on sex hormones or anything like that). for about 40 days. A doctor came up with it in the 1950's. You also have to be on an extremely strict 500 calorie diet. Normally a 500 calorie diet would make a person's metabolism drop and go into starvation mode but according to Dr. Simeons, the HCG releases fat that is stored up into the blood stream so it can be used for fuel (which is why you have to eat ony 500 calories, so that your body will go ahead and use the fat).

The FDA doesn't approve of it, but it has gained a lot of popularity because it was mentioned in a book by Kevin Trudeau (you know, the guy that write stuff like "drug secrets THEY don't want you to know, etc.).

Even though it isn't approved by the FDA there are some doctors that are doing it anyway and opening up clinics for it. And thousands of people swear by it. But most doctors say that the HCG doesn't do anything, and that it's just a placebo.

Honestly, that sounds like a recipe for disaster. I can't believe that pregnancy hormones would have no effect whatsoever, and going into starvation mode cannot be good for your metabolism. What happens when you're off the diet? You'd likely gain the weight back once you return to normal eating habits.

It actually sounds dangerous to me. 500 calories per day is simply unhealthy. Kevin Trudeau has so many lawsuits against him for basically being a fraud so I know I wouldn't trust anything he has to say.

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