Forum Thread: Easiest way of weight loss!

I think that if you're trying to lose weight for the long term, whichever approach you take, it should be maintainable - I want to be able to eat carbs and don't like the idea of taking pills/ supplements for the rest of my life! Realistic for me is baby steps – I've started by cutting the wasted sugar out of my diet, like the sugar in my coffee and home cooking and I feel great! I've been using a low cal sweetener (Natvia) which I found in the supermarket and it's pretty good. I found cutting out sugar makes all the difference and I would recommend Natvia to anyone because it's a natural product. Check out their cool site:

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I agree...anything you do to lose weight has to be can only deprive yourself for so long before you can't take it anymore or end up not getting nutrients you need. As much as everyone hates carbs, they are a necessary and important part of one's diet...we just eat way too much of them lol...

And pills aren't good for the long run. They might help you lose weight at first but many of them have really bad side effects and it just isn't worth it.

I totally agree, whatever approach you take to losing weight it must be something you can maintain for a lifetime. Most of us have lost weight only to find it soon returns after we stop our weight loss program. You need to develop a maintenance plan to keep the weight off once you have reached your goal.

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