Forum Thread: Does anyone have any diet advice?

Does anyone have any diet advice?

What kind of diet advice has worked for you? Does using smaller plates help? What about eating smaller meals every day instead of 3 main meals? Anything that has worked for you goes!

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I do not struggle with my weight, but my husband does. What's worked for him is a few things:

  1. Eat less overall. When he first started the lifestyle change, he would not eat until he was gorged, but rather ate until he was almost full as a matter of re-training his stomach.
  2. Eat healthier - don't get the cheese on the burger, and if eating out, read the calories on the menu. 
  3. Cook more - we generally eat healthier when we cook - lots of leafy greens, lean proteins. 
  4. Hide the candy/don't buy snacks. This is a big one! 

Yeah, learning to eat less is a big one...I've noticed that it takes a while at first, but after you get used to eating less you really don't want to eat a lot. It just takes a while for your stomach to tell your brain that you're full.

There's an old belief, not sure if it's true or urban legend, that if you eat less then your stomach shrinks and you get full faster. Seems to work though. Before trips I used to make sure to eat only a reasonable amount for a few days ahead of time so that my stomach would be suitably small and I wouldn't get hungry while on the road.

That's a good idea! I never thought of doing that, but next time I go on a trip I'll give that a try.

Generally, eating several small meals a day vs. three large ones is great for speeding up the metabolism and burning more calories. As a result, your stomach does "shrink" in the sense it's harder to eat really large meals. At least that's what I have found to be true on my weight loss journey!

yeah, thats pretty much what i try to do when i'm dieting...i just eat several times throughout the day, which is easier for me anyway, since i'm really busy and find it hard to take time out of my day for a big meal.

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