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Forum Thread: Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking More Water

Best Health Benefits Of Drinking More Water: Water is very essential in the life of any living thing especially human beings.There are lots of reasons why we human beings shouldn't be neglecting water. Many people today prefer drinking more of liquids containing sugar,alcohol and fat which may also have adverse effects and cost more to them instead of just drinking water. READ MORE

Forum Thread: Top 10 Health Benefits of Cucumber

10 Health Benefits Of Cucumber: When you are looking for healthy foods to eat, then cucumber is a great choice. Cucumbers are fruits though we normally eat them as vegetables. Cucumber goes with the scientific name cucumis savitis which is made up of 90-96% of water in it. Cucumbers are commonly eaten raw . Cucumbers are of great benefits to your health and those health benefits are what am here to reveal to you.

Forum Thread: Viem Tuyen Tien Liet Nen an Gi?

Nhìn vào con s? nghiên c?u g?n dây cho c?m th?y, t? l? nam gi?i nhi?m viêm ti?n li?t tuy?n dang không ng?ng tang lên do nhi?u nguyên do khác l? nhau. H?u nhu, nh?ng tru?ng h?p b? viem tuyen tien liet không hi?m do thi?u ki?n th?c hi?u bi?t c?ng v?i thao tác ch? quan, xem ph? bi?n tính ch?t nguy h?i c?a b?nh nên quá trình tham khám ch?m tr? làm ra nhi?u h? qu? tr?m tr?ng.

Forum Thread: Diet Chart for Healthy Life & Weight Loss

Obesity Body Mass Index (BMI) more than 30 is a major health concern in the world today which is becoming a leading cause for various diseases, including diabetes, heart problems, strokes, high blood pressure and many other. So to reduce the risk of these diseases, Body weight has to be maintained, which is possible only with well-balanced diet and is maintained by eating healthy.

Easy Ways: Tips on How to Be a Vegan

Since you're on this page, I will assume that you are interested in transitioning from being an omnivore to being a vegan. Well, whatever your reason is, as long as you are interested then I hope this article would help you achieve what you wanted.

Forum Thread: Easiest way of weight loss!

I think that if you’re trying to lose weight for the long term, whichever approach you take, it should be maintainable - I want to be able to eat carbs and don’t like the idea of taking pills/ supplements for the rest of my life! Realistic for me is baby steps – I’ve started by cutting the wasted sugar out of my diet, like the sugar in my coffee and home cooking and I feel great! I’ve been using a low cal sweetener (Natvia) which I found in the supermarket and it’s pretty good. I found cuttin...

Forum Thread: Should I have a healthy diet regime?

As much as I recall I have been always overweight, and now I really think I am the heaviest I've ever been. All of it started after I stop playing sports in my high school, and I started working in a fast food restaurant. Cause of working very long hours I started eating in the wrong way, and I rarely exercised.  But right now I feel like my time of change came, and I really want to get rid of body fat once and for all. You might ask me what things motivated me? Well, nothing much. It is just...

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